The Book

Two sales people. Each with the same opportunity selling the same products in the same market. Yet one’s business is growing while the other’s is not. Why the different results? Luck? Destiny? Or does sales success require something more?

Using hard data bolstered by extensive, real-world experience, Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success identifies the perspectives, practices and processes that drives substantial sales growth.

Trailblazed Proven Paths to Sales SuccessFull of helpful hints and creative tips, Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success is an entertaining and insightful guide for sales professionals wanting to improve results, sales managers seeking to boost team productivity, and business owners looking to increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.

Discover the Proven Paths to Sales Success

Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success is available through online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Trailblazed Sales Project Store on Amazon, and this site (Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer the book at a 10% discount at times).

The Paths to Sales Success have gone digital

Trailblazed is now available for your Amazon KindleBarnes & Noble Nook and Apple iPad (through the Kindle or Nook app).  Save money (both list the eBook version of Trailblazed at $9.99) and save trees.

 Praise for Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success

“If you are a budding high growth sales producer or have already achieved this level, this book will give you the purpose, process and platform to take you and your business to the next level.”
James D. Murphy, Founder & CEO, Afterburner, Inc. & author of Flawless Execution and Business as Combat

“Having heard Alan speak many times I was thrilled, yet not surprised, to see that Trailblazed reads like an informed conversation. Alan’s sense of humor and wit makes the material an easy and enjoyable read for newcomers and seasoned pros alike.”
David Fischette, President, GO West Events & Multimedia

“I have taught sales for years, and I discovered and implemented sales strategies in this book that have already paid off!  Anyone in sales will benefit from Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success.”
James Lloyd,  public speaker and author of Torch Tips for a Luminous Life

“A clinical look at what separates truly successful salespeople from those who are just treading water. A truly interesting saga and everyone involved in our industry, from executives to entry-level sales reps will benefit from reading this book.”   
HIU magazine

“Alan has written a true “how to manual” for success in this field. While it is a remarkably straight forward tool for new entrants, Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success is a tremendous resource for experienced producers dealing with dramatic changes to our business and markets.”
Brian Sullivan, President, Employee Benefits, Martin J. Wolff & Co., Inc.

“For health insurance agents or any professional salesperson, this is one sales book truly worth reading. It mixes real world advice and inspiration that will help you succeed.”
–  California Broker Magazine